Christmas Day

Christmas Day Planning and Preparations

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Christmas is a wonderful season of joy and sharing. It is a festive season for Christians as it commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. During this time, you can spend your time together with your relatives for a joyous celebration. You can also prepare a sumptuous meal and some games for the children. Christmas is also the period for gift giving. It is the tradition derived from the Three Wise Men who gave gifts to the infant Jesus.

There are other families who celebrate Christmas by travelling with their loved ones. They prefer to take a vacation since it’s the holidays and there will be no work nor classes for the kids. Nevertheless, every family prepares ahead of time for this cheerful celebration.  Here are some of the planning and preparations done before Christmas time:

1. House Decorations

Find your Christmas décor in the storage area. You may use these items every year on December. If you have complete and working decorations, no need to buy new ones anymore. Set up the Christmas tree and design it with some ornaments that you can hang. Your tree can be of any height and size. It must fit the space where you are going to place it. On top of the tree is usually a big ornament like a star or an angel. It is the most unique embellishment on your Christmas tree. Aside from this, you can use smart Christmas lights to brighten the look of your home from the outside. This version of lights is hassle-free and safer. You can get an expert install the smart light on your roof, gutters or walls.

2. Gifts

The first step in preparing the gifts is to know your budget. Allocate a certain amount that you will use for shopping and wrapping. Then, you can start listing down the names of the persons you will give gifts to. If these people have something that they would like to have, list them down as well. The best time to go shopping is during October and November. Avoid the shopping rush on December. As early as possible, shop for the items particularly if it’s on sale or the price is cheaper. Find the best store, market or bazaar where you can find great gifts at a lower price. In case you are still busy in those months, you may prepare at home by checking online shopping applications and websites.  Shopping from the comforts of your home is easier and stress-free.

3. Food

A few weeks before Christmas, you can already start noting all the food that you will prepare. List down all the ingredients that you need and do grocery shopping ahead of time. If you will be having a big celebration with a lot of guests, you may need various meals and desserts.

Christmas is known to be the happiest holiday every year. It celebrates your religion which includes the values taught to you as a Christian. Giving back by sharing what you have through charitable programs and events can surely bring out the Christmas spirit in everyone.

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