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Five Tips to Childproof Your Home

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Most homes are adult-centric. Only when you have a little bundle of joy entering your lives do you think about a makeover. When adults occupy a house, they mostly create or get furniture constructed according to their tastes and needs. However, if you leave it that way, it can pose a danger with kids coming in.

The biggest danger kids face is the sharp corners of furniture and screws jutting out of walls. Other than that, slippery areas are also a nuisance. However, turning your home kid-friendly does not have to be a major affair. Moreover, you do not need to sacrifice your style for the same. Read about a few ways to make your home kid-friendly.

Mend Sharp Corners

This is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of kid-friendly spaces. You can get the carpenter to visit your home and round off the edges of the furniture pieces. Coffee tables and dining tables are the ones that need urgent attention.

Other than those, also cover the edges with edge protectors. You will also hear the name corner guards, associated with the same. Additionally, you will find these in all shapes, sizes, and forms. You can get them in acrylic or rubber forms. If you have kids, they are a must.

You must know of a DIY trick for the same as well. Every home with kids has ping pong balls lying around. Now, you can get one and make a cut or a hole in it. Glue it to the corners. That is good utilization of resources.

Check Ground Covers

Now, that is where children spend the maximum time. You will rarely find them on the bed or couch; once they start walking, Residential ground finishes lend a great look to your home. Additionally, they are clean and provide longevity. Your kids can play simultaneously without getting much dirt and debris on their hands. Layering is easier to clean, and you can also spot dirt. Additionally, the new ones can endure a lot of pressure, wear, and tear.

Kids will be driving around their tiny cars and cycling around, and you cannot stop them. Any quality material will last a long time and act as a great return on your investment. Therefore, you must get in touch with floor coating manufacturers and get one installed now. If you go for the epoxy variety, it will add to your safety measures. They are slip-resistant, and your kids will not hurt themselves on the move.

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Prevent Furniture Tip-overs

Children turn the house into a playground. Furthermore, they rarely show mercy on your furniture and accessories. Therefore, you must get anti-tip furniture for your space. Many children have been admitted to hospitals lately due to furniture and electronics tip-overs. Moreover, when children climb atop furniture like tables, desks, and book cabinets, they can topple at any time. Children may also pull out complete drawers and hurt their feet.

Fix all these furniture pieces to the wall. Additionally, if you buy new furniture for your home after having kids, you should get ones with solid bases. Furthermore, you can keep heavy things on the lower drawers. Safety straps can also help you secure the furniture pieces to the wall. If you have attractive items, toys, and TV remotes lying around, you should consider keeping them at a height. Your kids should not be able to lay their hands on them.

Get Child-friendly Paints

Regular paints often give off a scent or fumes that can irritate your nostrils and cause allergies. These are dangerous for your child. Additionally, they may also have a habit of licking and scratching the walls. Low-quality and cheap paints often contain formaldehyde which is a huge health hazard. It may be time to change your wall paint once you have kids in your life.

Use new-age, child-friendly paints as they are non-toxic and do not contain lead or mercury. This makes them eco-friendly as well. Your kids will be able to stain and color them as well, without any fear of getting reprimanded. The reason behind the same is that they are washable. Choose high-tech and eco-friendly paints today.

Build More Storage

When you have kids around, no storage space is enough. Every day, you will bring new toys, and kids will dump them in all places, yours and theirs. A time will surely come when you find your belongings lying outside. Baskets, trays, build-in shelves are the way to go. Hang them on ways to free up the ground spaces. Additionally, you can also utilize the space under the beds. Push-in trays are a great option to store the toys. Further, kids can take them out at any time and play.

These are a few ways to make your home kid-friendly. You can develop more out-of-the-box ideas and create a safe and happy haven for the little ones.

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