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Car Engine Performance: What to Do to Enhance It

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Who doesn’t want their car to perform like a beast on the road?

A lot of us car junkies go out of our ways at times to ensure that our vehicles become an absolute monster that can go from 0 to 100mph in a matter of seconds. For some, it’s not just for sheer speed factor that they modify their four-wheeled machines but also for fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

If you’re planning to tinker with your vehicle’s engine to make it run faster, consume less fuel, and emit lesser carbon dioxide, then be sure to read through this article. Here are four hacks on how you can beef-up your vehicle’s engine performance:

Clean it up

In many cases, what your engine needs to perform like new again is a thorough engine cleaning by a professional. Fortunately, some companies specialize in engine cleaning services in the UK, so this should be an easy proposition.

These companies use a particular machine that deeply cleans engine components to remove residues, impurities, and other buildups that affect its performance. Vehicle owners who availed such service reported getting better throttle response, improved fuel consumption, and reduced or cleaner emissions. It should be on top of your bucket list.

Install a supercharger

It may be a rather pricey investment, but if you have the cash to burn, it would be a worthwhile one, considering the extra horses that you can get.

A supercharger forces more air into the engine, where it combines with the fuel inside for a better air-fuel ratio. And as we all know, the higher this ratio is, the more horsepower that we can get from our vehicle’s engine. Again, because a supercharger is not a cheap purchase, be sure to consider your budget first before deciding to install one in your car.

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Consider upgrading your stock exhaust

Car owners who are updating their engine to get better power out of it usually also upgrade the exhaust system. That is because giving more power to the engine by installing aftermarket air intakes or superchargers won’t be enough without equally focusing on the exhaust. There are a lot of ways on how you can do this, like installing a larger diameter pipe or going for custom headers. But be sure to check with your mechanic to be guided appropriately.

What an exhaust system upgrade does is to allow the engine to ‘breathe’ better by letting more air out of the engine chamber. It generally results in better engine performance and improved fuel efficiency. As they love to say in the performance industry, more flow means more go.

Check the plugs

Spark plugs may seem insignificant to some vehicle owners thinking of an upgrade, but they are quite critical in improving vehicle engine performance. So be sure to have your trusted mechanic inspect your spark plugs for proper functioning. If you’re still using stock plus, you may consider investing in better ones like those made of iridium. Your mechanic should be a reliable enough person to determine which brand and type of spark plugs will be better for your engine.

Remember that these tips are not fail-proof, so you should still consider other things, like your driving habit and the maintenance of your vehicle. But these five hacks are good enough to start helping your engine to cover miles faster and more efficiently.

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