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Business Owners Can Experience Stress, Too: Here’s How You Can Manage It

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Much research talks about the stress and mental health issues employees deal. But what about the business owners? It turns out they can also suffer significantly.

A 2018 study reported that, compared to other people, entrepreneurs are:

  • 30% more likely to develop or experience depression
  • Are also prone to attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • 12% susceptible to substance abuse

Mental health differences affected an overwhelming 72% of these business owners, while only 24% didn’t have any issues at all. Meanwhile, 32% could experience more than one mental condition.

A Gallup survey also revealed almost the same findings. When asked about their stress levels yesterday, 45% of business owners said they experienced it a lot compared to 42% of other workers.

If you’re dealing with a high levels of stress, then you’re not alone. What you’re going through is also valid. But then, you also need to understand the causes and, most of all, learn to minimize it.

Why Do You Have Stress?

Where does the stress come from? Let’s begin with the usual culprits:

  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Money issues, such as funding, revenues, and cash flow
  • The need to keep the business afloat for the employees
  • Government policies, especially those involving taxes
  • Competition
  • Long working hours and time away from the family
  • Lack of rest and play

Stress may also occur from a rather peculiar personality trait of entrepreneurs. According to psychologist John Gartner, many may be dealing with hypomania. Although it seems milder than mania, the effects could still be damaging to mental health.

People with hypomania possess several characteristics that make them successful. These include passion, ambition, energy, and vision. The problem is they could also think and act like they’re gods, according to Gartner. When their efforts don’t bear fruit, they could suffer from a depressive episode.

How Can You Minimize Stress?

You can never escape stress, but you can do something to minimize its effects and duration. This way, you are better equipped to protect your mental health. Here are three tips:

happy employee1. Acknowledge the Problem

You can never learn to deal with it unless you recognize and accept that you are just as vulnerable as your employees when it comes to stress. Once you focus on that, you can discover the root cause of your problem and the best ways to handle it.

2. Get Help

If your employees need stress management programs, so do you. Granted, you may want to appear strong and formidable for the team. You can still get help through options like teletherapy.

It’s a mental health counseling session conducted online or via phone. This way, you can be anywhere in the world and still receive the support you need. The appointments are also flexible, so you won’t have to miss out on your daily responsibilities.

3. Delegate

You can only do so much. By delegating some of your duties, especially those that are routine, you can free more time to pursue personal interests. You may even have more energy and resources to handle more critical functions, such as marketing and lead generation.

Although stress can hound you, you are also more likely to be optimistic. You know that better things await. Use that to too to curb your stress.

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