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Big Blunders: Mistakes When Designing Small Spaces

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Small spaces are a design challenge. It’s no wonder then that there are a lot of rules when it comes to decorating such. Despite that, most homeowners still make some boo-boos here and there. The result is a tiny room that looks more cramped than it’s supposed to be. If you have a small space that you’re planning to update, be sure not to make these common mistakes:

Storage everywhere

When you have a small space, you want to have as much storage as possible. So you add more boxes and baskets and clutter the entire room. But the thing is, having too many storage areas just for the sake of having many isn’t good, either. It only takes up more floor space, throwing your design into a visual mess. Instead of adding more and more storage, you want to be smart in choosing which solutions to introduce. For instance, rather than boxes and baskets that clutter the floors, go for shelves that can be installed in your walls. Take advantage of that vertical space. You can also opt for multi-functional furniture like ottomans that serve as storage space.

Too much furniture

Living room with different types of couchSpeaking of furniture, a lot of homeowners go for tiny furnishings when designing small spaces. It makes sense; you don’t want to get your limited area too cramped with overly large pieces. When all of your furniture is small, it worsens the illusion of limitedness. So it’s best to introduce some big pieces, too. Make them the focal point of the space. For instance, in the living room, you can go for a long, large chaise as a statement piece then add small tables to complete the set. This looks roomier than having all pieces in a tiny size. Take note of the placement of your furniture, too. Don’t push it up against the walls. Otherwise, you’ll be leaving a big hollow space at the center, a dead spot that isn’t in aesthetically pleasing. Leave some space between the wall and furniture.

Not enough lighting

People rarely think about lighting when it comes to small spaces. Overhead lights are enough to cover the limited area, after all. However, there are still corners in your tiny room that won’t be well lit by your ceiling lights. This can make your space look more cramped. That’s why it’s essential to use accent lighting to illuminate those little corners. Beyond making the area look enormous, it will also prevent falls and trips. At the same time, it can add more drama to the room. Don’t overlook natural lighting, too. Choose window treatments that let the sunlight in. Of course, make sure to have your windows cleaned now and then. Window-cleaning experts can effectively wipe out dirt, grime, and other nasty stuff keeping you from maximizing natural light.

It’s a real dilemma to have a small space at home. That’s why it’s easy to fall into these design traps. Don’t make the same mistakes now that you know better. Have fun with your creative project!

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