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Bedroom Styling Tips for a Luxurious and Comfortable Atmosphere

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The pandemic has established so many home trends, one of them turning our homes into a one-stop-shop for everything. Because of the COVID-19 crisis and so many Americans having to revert to a work-from-home setup, the home design trends swerved to residential properties becoming a place for work, studying, fitness, and wellness.

Because so many spaces in our homes have become rooms for work and productivity, we live in a time when our bedrooms are our only escape from the stresses of the world. Before the pandemic, we could look anywhere in our house and see a place to relax; now, even our living rooms could be a place for Zoom meetings.

Our bedrooms need to be our oasis. Here are some design and styling tips to help you create a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom.

Interior design: Big modern Bedroom

Consider Adding a Fireplace

Adding a fireplace into your bedroom has so many benefits:

  • You establish a beautiful focal point that can establish how the rest of your furniture pieces will be laid out
  • It brings instant coziness and warmth to an otherwise sterile bedroom

If the bedroom already has a fireplace, consider having it refurbished. Or, if your gas fireplace needs repair or replacement, consider enlisting the help of professionals who can help you ensure that it is working as it should so that you also protect your home from unfortunate accidents. Once you renew your existing fireplace, add simple decorative accessories like a potted plant and framed picture of you and your family on the mantel. You can also opt to incorporate a big artwork on top.

Choose a Subtle Color Palette

If your goal with your bedroom is to make it as relaxing as possible, do away with loud and vibrant colors. Color psychology states that loud colors like red, orange, yellow, and vibrant shades of blue and other colors of the rainbow can evoke energy—and that’s the last thing you want when you enter your bedroom. When you enter the place where you lay your head, you want to feel relaxed and forget about your worries even for a bit, so you want to choose colors that will help enforce that feeling.

Choose color palettes of white, cream, gray, and anything else that’s a bit more neutral. If vibrant colors are more your personality, you can always add pops of color to the bedroom—just make sure they only take up about 10 percent of the space. It can be added through statement colors like parts of the main artwork and throw pillows; just don’t use the vibrant color as the primary color or secondary color.

Don’t Forget About the Ceiling

One of the biggest factors we often neglect when styling a space is the ceiling. This is a mistake because the ceiling is the fifth wall of every room. Here are some ways you can utilize your ceiling to make your bedroom feel more luxurious and relaxing:

  • If you love natural light and if the home’s natural architecture allows it, consider adding a skylight. It will let in the sunlight during the day, helping your body’s circadian rhythm. And at night, you have a view of the moon and the stars, so it’s a win-win.
  • Paint your ceiling a slightly similar color to the wall, only lighter. It will help lower the ceiling visually and provide you with a feeling of intimacy and closeness.
  • Decorative paint treatments and other architectural additions like wooden beams and moldings will help your ceiling appear more luxurious and expensive.

Keep Everything Simple

One of the biggest traps we can fall into is feeling like we need to add more furniture pieces and accessories to make a room look more expensive or luxurious, but the opposite is truer. By keeping everything simple and light, you add an atmosphere to elegance, regardless of the style you choose. Moreover, keeping everything to a minimum will add ease of movement. Make sure you leave a minimum of at least three feet between the sidewalls and your bed and at least two feet between the low furniture like dressers and tables and the bed.

Furnish the room with only the things you need, especially if the square footage is a bit smaller. A bed, a bedside table or two, a chair, and a dresser are all you need. Everything else is a want and/or eventual clutter. Keep everything to a minimum to make your bedroom as relaxing as possible.

Your bedroom needs to be your oasis in a chaotic and stressful world. Design and style it this year so that you have somewhere comforting to escape to every day.

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