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Home Renovation Project: Automate Your Bathroom

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Automation is the future of interior design. Across the world, people are adopting different smart devices to make their homes comfortable and secure. Now, many gadgets can be connected to the internet and controlled by tapping your mobile phone screen or through voice commands. The result is a home that is constantly working to give you the best experience possible.

The bathroom is one area of the house that can be automated. It is a space that people regularly use, often multiple times a day. In modern times, the bathroom has become more than just a shower and a toilet. It is the center for self-care and wellness, too.

Therefore, it is no surprise that homeowners are investing so much of their money and energy toward renovating their bathrooms. The installation of smart devices is a great renovation project.

The High-tech Toilet

You no longer have to use tissue paper to wipe yourself clean after using the toilet.

East Asians have, for years, been living ahead of the United States and other countries in the world when it comes to bathroom technology. Their toilets can do more than just flush.

The modern toilet is capable of spritzing you with water to clean you up. There is temperature control, too, so you will not be blasted with ice-cold water. There is also an automatic dryer that will eliminate the need for tissue paper. All of these functions, of course, are hands-free.

In addition, the seats will always be warm and comfortable, even in the middle of the night. Some are also equipped with motion sensors that flip the toilet seat up after use.

And, for hygiene, smart toilets are self-cleaning. They kill the viruses and bacteria that may have clung onto the surface, protecting the family from infections.

You will, however, need the help of a professional plumber to install a smart toilet in your bathroom properly. It is not a task that regular people, who have no experience in plumbing, can easily do. But, once it is ready to use, your smart toilet will change your bathroom habits forever.

automatic toilet


Water-saving Faucets

Do not be discouraged by upfront costs. The addition of innovative home technology can aid in conserving energy and water, therefore, lowering utility bills and resulting in money savings in the long term.

Take, for example, digital faucets that will allow homeowners to monitor their usage and reduce water flow. Many people are still letting tap water run when brushing their teeth or rubbing their hands with soap. This is only wasting water, a finite resource. A faucet that controls the flow of water will ensure that no drop will go to waste.

Touch-free faucets are also now becoming more common. The pandemic has shown the dangers that lurk in frequently-touched surfaces, and that includes faucets. A faucet that does not have any handles or knobs will save you from picking up disease-causing germs.

A Mirror That Doubles as a Digital Screen

The modern-day mirror does a lot more than reflect your image to you. You can use it to gather information about the day ahead of you while you shave or dry your hair.

There are smart mirrors that can connect to the internet to provide you weather and traffic updates, brief you about current affairs, remind you about your appointments throughout the day, texts or emails you are yet to read, and provide you with beauty and grooming tips based on your skin condition.

Moreover, these smart mirrors have the capacity to get rid of condensation—a convenient feature in bathrooms. The device will always be ready for use, even immediately after you have stepped out of a hot shower.

When the Water Is Always at the Right Temperature

The typical dials used in showers are not very efficient. It will either wake you up with ice-cold water or scald you with boiling-hot water. A smart shower eliminates that. It is equipped with digital valves that show when the water is heating up, cooling down, or optimized to your desired temperature.

Relying on a regular dial is often inconvenient and uncomfortable, but it is sometimes dangerous, too. Children, in particular, are at risk of burns from hot water from the shower. A digital device that warns you if the water is hot or cold can save your loved ones from injuries.

Home automation will be big, and more devices will likely be introduced to the market in the coming years. They provide not just convenience but safety and security, too.

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