Asian Destinations by Region for Every Type of Traveler

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Given the size of the Asian continent, surely there is a place for every type of traveler. If you want to spend a few months traveling all over Asia, it’s better to group the countries into different regions.

The regions should be based on the kinds of adventure every country offers. Here is an example of how you can do it:

1. Southeast Asia for the tropical backpackers

Before COVID-19, when the tourism industry was at its peak, Southeast Asia would receive hundreds of thousands of tourists all over the globe. The best activities: backpacking from one beach to another. The Southeast Asian region is known for its fine white sand and cerulean water. Every beach lover must at least once try bathing in the tropical paradise that is Southeast Asia.

In Thailand, you will be greeted by a jungle adventure. The island of Chiang Mai is known to be a top tourist destination because of its king elephants. Side trips in this country include visits to world-famous Buddhist temples. And of course, you cannot leave without sampling the variety of street food in all corners of Bangkok.

The Vietnamese highlands are a whole other world. Venture to the northern part of the country for a one-of-a-kind countryside experience. The sprawling rice fields will put you in awe. The best part: there is an amazing exchange of goods between Vietnamese and Chinese merchants right at the border.

You will be fascinated by how many cultures can come together in one place. Next on your backpacking adventure should be the Philippines. Its beaches are like no other and the food is to die for. You have 7000 islands to choose from. Whether you choose to stay in the countryside or the city center, one experience will be different from the other. The Philippines is for adventurers, those who like jumping through canyons, climbing up rocks, and crawling inside caves.

2. East Asia for lovers of history and modernity


There are travelers who like hanging out in the city, eating dinner at a fine restaurant overlooking the city lights in the U.S. While others travel to other continents to learn about a place’s history. If you are a little bit of both, head to East Asian countries to satisfy your wanderlust.

China, being one of the earliest empires in world history, sure has a lot of stories embedded in its walls and cobblestone roads. The Chinese puts their history in high regard. And you can see it in the way thousand-year-old traditions are still being practiced. At the same time, China owns one of the most advanced industries in the world. They have fast trains and replicas of global landmarks all around the country.

South Korea, undoubtedly, has emerged as a global star in the industries of entertainment and beauty. And the most fascinating thing about being in the country is how the remnants of the past coexist beautifully with their modern lifestyle. You get to hop from a centuries-old palace to a modern museum in five minutes. The capital city alone offers an endless list of fun things to do for visitors.

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to set foot on the land of the rising sun? They have arguably the best transport system in the world. Their culture is the right mix of modernity and history. Their quirky vending machines alone are proof the Japanese experience is none like any other.

3. Western Asia for travelers who want the best of both worlds

The whole of Asia is usually stereotyped to have people with slanted eyes and math geniuses. Asia is so huge that its people in this description alone. In fact, countries in Western Asia probably can’t relate to the Asian best friend trope in Hollywood movies.

Sharing borders with Greece and Bulgaria, Turkey is often forgotten when Asian countries are discussed. As anyone would expect, Turkey has a very vibrant culture. You can enjoy the old cities in Istanbul or sleep in hotel caves in Cappadocia.

You can expect the same Western-Asian culture mix in countries in the Eurasian region. Marvel at the beauty of lakes in Kazakhstan. There are more than 120 nationalities living in Kazakhstan so if you enjoy being surrounded by many different people, definitely check this country out.

Azerbaijan lies in Central Asia but it has been included in European maps many times before. 40 percent of the country is just mountains. What a treat for lovers of the great outdoors.

Asia is such a gem. It will take years for you to fully explore its beauty. Hopefully, this guide helps you navigate this wonderful continent soon.

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