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All about dental implants

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Dental implants are made from titanium, a durable material that is ideal for creating a natural and long lasting look. They look natural because they are small in size and are created to be moulded into the bone and behave just like normal tooth roots.

Implants can be tailored by the dentist to offer a solution for nearly all kinds of tooth loss – so most patients will be eligible for this kind of treatment. As with any procedure, it is vital to make an appointment to discuss the issues being experienced with a professional so that the best possible treatment can be offered.

Endosteal implants

Endosteal implants are used most often to treat tooth loss. Most patients will be eligible for this kind of implant; though it does need a healthy and strong jawbone in order for it to be effective. They are a similar shape to screws, which are fitted under the gum.

Once the screws have been fitted, there is then a healing period during which they should mould with the existing bone to create a strong foundation. After this period has occurred, the dentist will then fit the false teeth onto to this foundation to give a natural look that fits in with the rest of the teeth.

Subperiosteal implants

For people who are unsure about having implants fitted to their jawbone, subperiosteal implants are a popular alternative. These sit on top of the bone. They are still placed under the gum but are not moulded to the jawbone like endosteal implants.

They are attached to the gum with a small piece of metal around which the gum heals to hold them in place. This form of treatment is especially appropriate if the patient is lacking in enough jaw bone for endosteal implants.

Zygomatic implants

This kind of dental implant is rarely used because the treatment is relatively complex in comparison with other procedures. It’s usually only an option for those who are lacking a lot of the bone that is usually used to affix the implants. Zygomatic implants are positioned in the cheek bone instead of the jaw.

Same day implants

For patients who are in a hurry to resolve their tooth loss issues as quickly as possible, immediate load dental implants may be an option. This is when people get temporary teeth placed at the same appointment as the one for getting the implants fitted.

Mini dental implants

These are usually suitable for patients who wish to fix a false tooth that is already there. There are very small and thin and can be very effective.

All on 4 implants

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Some patients choose all on 4 implants instead of replacing a whole set of top or bottom teeth. The dentist positions 4 implants in the bone that already exists – which can remove any requirement for bone grafting.

The patient can expect to have their teeth replaced on a temporary basis at the same time as the implants are positioned. After a period of a few months, the dentist will fit permanent teeth that should last for a long time.

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