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Your Active Lifestyle: Home Features You Need

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If you want to live an active lifestyle, your home must be built or renovated with features that will allow you to stay active every day. Here are some features you can add to your home to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

A Home Gym

If you do not have a gym at home, you may be less likely to work out regularly. It can be easy to forego a session if it is inconvenient to go to the gym or you do not have enough time to do so within the day.

With a home gym, you can fit in a workout as soon as you wake up or when you get home at night. Also, your workout regimen need not be affected even if another lockdown occurs.

A home gym does not have to be fancy or expensive. Still, it should have the essential equipment for aerobic, strength, and flexibility exercises. For aerobics, you can get a treadmill or an exercise bike. For strength training, you can get a weights machine or free weights. For flexibility exercises, you can get a yoga mat.

An Outdoor Gym

You need a dose of sunshine and fresh air daily. Not getting enough sunlight can lead to vitamin D deficiency, weakening your bones. It can also lead to mental health issues and mood disorders. A lack of fresh air can lead to headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Outdoor gyms are becoming increasingly popular as they allow you to work out in the open air.

If you have the space in your backyard, consider setting up an outdoor gym there. Adding equipment, you do not have inside can complement your indoor gym. For instance, you can build a single steel structure that includes a monkey bar, pull-up bars, a balance beam, step platforms, and sit-up benches. If you have kids, you can make the structure work for different heights. This can look like a piece of sculpture in your yard.

Alternatively, you can get a small trampoline for cardio, some dumbbells for strength training, and a yoga mat for flexibility exercises outside.

A Lap Pool

Sometimes, it can be too hot to exercise. This summer, the forecast is for temperatures to be higher than the average summer in large areas of the United States. These include the interior Northeast, Midwest, and the Plains up to the Rockies and the Great Basin. The hottest temperatures are expected in some upper Midwest areas.

Swimming is the perfect way to cool off and get a workout while doing so. It is one of the best exercises you can do as it works all the muscles in your body. Another advantage is that it has completely no impact.

If you enjoy swimming, a lap pool is a great way to stay active at home. Pools are also a great place to relax and de-stress after a long day. You can entertain guests and host pool parties. If you have young children, provide shallower pool portions to give them hours of fun and exercise.

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A Climbing Wall

Many people get bored easily with workouts. They look for something that can be fun and different. Climbing is a fun way to get some exercise. It also helps build upper body strength, coordination, and balance.

A climbing wall is a great addition to any home, especially if you have kids. They can play on it and get some exercise while doing so. If you do not have kids, you can use it to stay active and have some fun. It will also prepare you for some serious mountain climbing adventures.

Plan and Execute Your Home Additions Well

You would not want your additional home feature to stick out like a sore thumb outside your home. You also would not want an inside addition to interfere with the smooth flow of your home interiors.

You must ensure that the features you want to add to your home are well-integrated into the design of the house you are building or your renovation project. To do this, discuss your particular activity needs with your architect or designer.

Once you have the design, you must also discuss this with your residential general contractor. That will ensure that they will include all the details provided by the architect or designer in their quotation. If certain materials are not specified, you can ask for your contractor’s recommendation for durability. Eventually, when you agree and draw up a contract, all these details must be included, as well.

By coordinating closely with your architect or designer and contractor, you will end up with a home that will perfectly suit your active lifestyle while being a beautiful and well-designed space.

Stay Fit at Home

There are many features you can add to your home to stay physically fit. Home gyms, outdoor gyms, pools, and climbing walls are a few examples of popular additions. Whatever you choose, ensure that it is well-integrated into your home’s design. By doing this, you will have a functional and beautiful home that perfectly suits your active lifestyle.

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