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5 Vehicles that Offer the Best Resale Value

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Fact: the value of a vehicle depreciates – fast. But it’s also another fact that some vehicles hold on to theirs better than the others.

If you want to invest in a car today but plan to sell it within the next five years, the following might deserve your money:

1. Porsche Coupe 911

Porsche is one of the priciest vehicles on the planet, and Coupe 911 is not an exception. The Carrera alone could cost nearly $100,000.

The upside is that if you take care of it well, making sure you can give it the best Porsche repair and maintenance, it will give you the best return for money. According to, it could lose only 37.2% of its value within five years.

And it’s not only Porsche sports cars that are doing well. In 2020, the Kelley Blue Book (KBB) awarded the Best Resale Value Luxury Brand to the German automobile brand.

2. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Of all the vehicles in the United States, it’s Jeep Wrangler Unlimited that is likely to depreciate the least. It could retain around 70% of its value by the end of the fifth year, said Its sibling, Jeep Wrangler, meanwhile, ranked second.

Many factors have contributed to Jeep’s excellent resale value. One is popularity and the perception that this brand is both timeless and durable. After all, it’s one of the most-used vehicles during World War II.

Further, Jeep is versatile and continues to innovate. Take, for example, Unlimited, which can accommodate five passengers instead of four. The space for the legs is also roomier, and the back offers easier access. The bottom line is it’s becoming more family-friendly.

3. Honda Civic

Honda Car

When it comes to compact vehicles, Honda Civic continues to impress both its fans and first-time buyers. With its level of performance, design, and efficiency, it ranked second in the Best Compact Car Awards by KBB. It could also achieve a resale value of 41.6% after five years.

The Subaru Impreza came out on top, which you can sell up to 42.5% of its original sticker price. However, you might find Civic to be roomier and its most high-end version cheaper.

4. Chevrolet Silverado

Compared to sedans and SUVs, trucks seem to hold their resale value better. According to, these vehicles could depreciate by 42% within five years. However, in the same period, other types could lose as much as 49%.

Of all the trucks, though, Chevrolet Silverado retains the highest resale value. Based on the KBB data, it could lose only 40% of its price before the sixth year. In this area, it could perform way better than the most popular compacts and sedans in the market.

5. Mercedes-Benz G Class

You need at least $120,000 to buy a brand-new Mercedes-Benz G Class, but the good news is it seems to depreciate way slower than other luxury vehicles at 45.2%. It could even be worth more than a Toyota Highlander, Ford F-150, or Subaru Outback.

First, this SUV has one of the best reliability scores at 3.5, according to JD Power. Second, it has understated elegance and craftsmanship displayed all over.

Depreciation is just one factor you need to choose the best vehicle to purchase, but the differences can be significant. When you want to save time in choosing, pick from this list.

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