5 Skiing Mistakes Beginners Make (And How to Avoid Them)

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Are you a beginner skier? Perhaps you are thinking of getting into the sport. This article will let you learn the most common skiing mistakes that beginners commit, as well as the ways to avoid them.

Skiing is not an easy sport to master. It requires a lot of practice to be able to ski down a slope without falling flat on your face. Having cool gear such as a quality Giro Union MIPS helmet or top of the notch skis is not enough. You need a lot of patience and determination, too.

If you want to get a head start on your skiing lessons, here are the mistakes you should avoid:

1. Leaning back or not leaning forward enough

Perhaps the most common skiing mistake that we’ve seen people do is leaning back. The proper way to ski is to lean forward so that the skis push evenly down on the snow, giving you more control. If you lean back, you will have a hard time controlling your skis since they are not pushing into the snow. Less control means more risk of falling.

Another common beginner mistake is not leaning forward enough. Most beginners are too afraid to lean forward correctly, so they often don’t have enough force to maneuver themselves on the skis. Therefore, the proper way is to lean over the outside of the ski to put enough weight and change directions. For beginners, we understand that you’re afraid of falling over. But if you don’t learn to lean properly, you’re actually at a higher risk of falling.

2. Looking elsewhere

Beginners usually look at the front of their skis because they are afraid of hitting something as they go down the slope. Remember that every time you ski, your attention should be on wherever you’re heading.

It’s also crucial for you to look both ways at a cross. Just like intersections, two pistes may merge into one. Be sure to look both ways to see if there’s oncoming traffic.

3. Wearing too much clothing

ski trip

Yes, the snow is cold, but wearing five layers won’t do you much good. Wearing excessive layers can impede proper movement and make it difficult to maneuver yourself on skis. Skiing can also be a strenuous activity, so you don’t want to be sweating underneath all those layers. There’s a proper way to dress in layers for skiing.

4. Pointing skiing poles in the wrong direction

If you don’t want to poke anyone’s eye out, always have your arms in the correct position, which is by your sides pointing diagonally downwards behind you. Don’t wave your poles around or hold them in different positions, or you could get into a nasty accident.

5. Failing to study the trail map

Do yourself a favor by reading the trail map and knowing when the ski lifts close. Otherwise, you could end up having to ride back to wherever you’re staying. Study the trail map and plan your day around it so that you can maximize your time on the mountain without much hassle.

Skiing is challenging to master, but you would have to start somewhere in order to get better at it. Having these tips in mind can help you avoid making common beginner mistakes and, hopefully, make you learn faster.

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