5 Parking Gate Repair Materials to Consider

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We all know that your location and daily wear and tear can affect the lifespan of parking gates. Are your garage doors in need of an upgrade? Or are you thinking of having your parking gates repaired in Surrey, BC, soon?

Knowing the different materials for parking gates can help a lot in making the best choice for your specific needs. To help you along, here are five materials to consider for your project.

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1. Wood

Parking gates made from wood exude a warm feel since it is material straight from nature. The customization of timber can quickly be done so that the design can match the aesthetics of the entire house. Such a parking gate can boost the curb appeal of any home. But wood can be costly. Also, even though it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and extreme climates like those in Surrey, BC, it needs frequent maintenance. Such maintenance adds to the total cost of the material.

2. Steel

If you want a wide range of options as regards function, design, durability, and price, then steel is the perfect material for your parking gate.

For the best steel door, choose one made created with two layers of steel so that it will be more resistant to dents and rusts. Also, choose one with a high level of insulation like polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation, which is ideal even against Canadian winters. Be sure to check that your door has a protective coating of anti-corrosion chemicals. Some steel doors even come with customized features like mail slots, vault locks, and vents.

3. Aluminum

If you have a lot of cars and, thus, need wider parking gates, aluminum is the ideal material for your house. Aluminum is very lightweight but sturdy. Newer versions of doors from this material have laminated panels that can better withstand dents. Aluminum is also very resistant to rust, which is excellent for parking gates exposed to water or frequent storms.

4. Fiberglass

Made-to-order fiberglass parking gates can be designed to mimic other materials. So if you want a door that looks like it’s made from wood without the high price, fiberglass is a great substitute. Faux-wood fiberglass doors are practically indistinguishable from real wood parking gates. Fiberglass can withstand small dents and cracks. It will also not rot, unlike real wood. But it can break into pieces when hit with significant impact.

5. Vinyl

If you know that your parking gates will be subjected to a lot of breaks or dents, then vinyl should be your option of choice. This durable material made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic can withstand a lot of wear and tear throughout the years.

Vinyl is very resistant to warping, rust, and rot. It usually comes with a UV-resistant finish that makes that the door’s color will not fade even if it is continuously exposed to the sun, high humidity, or salt air. As you have read, you want parking gate repairs or upgrades that consider your location, budget, and aesthetics. Whether you choose wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl, make sure that you get the best material for your needs.

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If you have more questions for your specific needs, then go to your nearest parking gate repair company for a consultation.

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