4 Ideas to Stage a Florida Home for a Photo Shoot

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Florida is a hotspot for new residents. Each year, it adds at least 300,000 more people. That’s equivalent to opening a larger city than Orlando, according to a state economist report. For those planning to sell or rent their extra properties, they’re in the best position to do it. The market is hot all-year-round.

However, competition can also be fierce. Many home buyers are also more cautious. In a 2018 report by a Realtor association, about 44% of real estate leads research online before they even inspect a home. How do you stage a home so that it is appealing online? Here are four pointers:

1. Get Rid of Junk

Never underestimate the ability of an assertive home buyer as many of them have eagle eyes. They can tell junk when they see one. Although clutter will probably disappear once someone moves in, it sets a negative impression about the property.

Before homeowners take pictures, call clutter removal services in Ocala. Doing so will not only tidy up the room but also give the illusion of more space.

2. Pay More Attention to High-value Areas of the House

The house matters, but some areas can sell the property faster than the others. These include:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Front door
  • Yard
  • Basement and attic

When staging the home for photos, homeowners might consider spending more time in these places. They need to ensure they look their best.

3. Know What the Market Wants

As they say, a picture can paint a thousand words, but it might still not resonate when it doesn’t match the needs and desires of the target market.

Now, why do people move to Florida? According to a survey, they do it because they want to find a better home, or they landed a fresh job. About 11% are starting a family. While the concepts are abstract, homeowners can complement these with other data that suggest:

  • Since they are starting a family, many home buyers want a kitchen with perhaps an island, plenty of storage, and a spacious open-plan setting.
  • Because they want a better home, home buyers now look for an upgraded take on the master’s bathroom.
  • Since many want to enjoy the state’s sunny weather, the target market might prefer homes with landscaped gardens or open yards with a lot of potential.

Some research can go a long way in ensuring that homeowners can highlight the best parts of the property and match them to the target market’s needs.

Photography4. Find the Best Time to Take Pictures

For photos, lighting is everything. Otherwise, shadows can create creepy bedrooms, dim attractive parts, and make the entire space feel dreary, heavy, and sad.

Many people debate about natural light (a.k.a. sunlight) and artificial light. Both have pros and cons. For example, sunlight costs nothing and offers the impression of airiness and authenticity. Meanwhile, artificial light is easier to manipulate.

Homeowners can consider doing test shots for both options and compare the outcomes. When in doubt or in a bind on how to do photography correctly, they can always call professional photographers for help.

While a homeowner can stage the home many times for a photo session, in reality, they only get one shot to impress the market. They need to do it right the first time. These guidelines can help them achieve that.

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