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4 Common Uses of Sandblasting

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There are several ways to clean a house or office, restore a car, or repair an industrial machine. Sometimes, people get attached to things and would instead restore them than to let go. A useful and quick way to accomplish this is to bombard the surface with tiny abrasive materials to get rid of any flaws. This process is called sandblasting.

What is sandblasting?

Sandblasting smoothens metal surfaces to take away impurities such as rust and corrosion. It uses sand or other abrasive materials to clean the surface. Other materials could be steel shot, aluminum oxide, and coal slag. This process prepares the metal for further layers of finishing, or it could be a protection from impurities.

The blasting is caused by pressurized sand coming from an air compressor. The pressure can range for 50-130 pounds per square inch (PSI). The process can have the same effect as sandpaper, except that it can flawlessly smoothen corners and hard-to-reach areas of the metal.

Here are the several uses of sandblasting:

Removing rust and corrosion

Both rust and corrosion occur on metals that undergo oxidation. If untreated, these impurities will continue to eat away the remaining metal until it completely deteriorates. Luckily, some types of rust and corrosion only remain on the surface. Cleaning them away will preserve the object, preventing the development of holes that could lead to malfunction and defect.

Reach intricate and small areas

sand blasting

When using sandpaper, it might be challenging to clean edges, holes, and other areas that could take a considerable chunk of time to clean. Even then, little impurities could remain. Through blasting, the abrasive materials can get into hard-to-reach surfaces because the tiny particles can adjust to the shape of the tools. Therefore, spare parts of a car or a machine that might be too small to handle with bare hands can be cleaned.

Polishing and prepping for another coating

When customizing a car, for example, the metal has to be devoid of paint, rust, dirt, and other impurities before proceeding with the application of paint. This process is to ensure that the color and the metal remain durable throughout the years. Additionally, imperfections on metal pose problems in assembly because they cause irregularity in shapes. By sandblasting metals, assembling a car or new industrial equipment in Utah will be a breeze.

Concrete and stone restoration

Since this process can be used to clean concrete because of its efficiency and strength, sandblasting can restore brick and stone walls to their original color and appeal. This is extremely useful for residential and commercial spaces as previous owners might have covered the unique appearance of the wall with paint. For those who want the authentic and rustic feel of a brick wall, abrasive materials can effectively scrape away paint, mold, dirt, oils, etc.

Consider using this method on your next project

Whether you’re revamping your home or your car, think about your options. Some options are cost-effective and efficient without having to use excessive workforce to finish the job. Besides, sandblasting is a versatile process that can benefit anyone in various ways.

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