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3 Things to Consider Before Buying Greenhouse Window Blinders

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High temperatures during hot summers can cause a lot of damage to the plants in your greenhouse. You need to regulate the greenhouse temperature and give a natural-like shelter for your plants. That is why greenhouse window shading is essential.  Here are several things to keep in mind before purchasing greenhouse window shades.

1. Consider your greenhouse needs

Make sure you the shades that you want will fulfill the needs of the crops in your greenhouse. Will you require the blinders during cold winters or cloudy days? Do you wish to block all the sunlight or let in a little amount of the sun? Depending on the type of crops you are planting, you can either use shading compounds such as whitewash or retractable greenhouse blinders. Shading compounds are usually cheap, but they can be quite labor-intensive during application. Additionally, it is quite tricky for shading compounds to provide a specific or uniform shading effect. On the other hand, retractable greenhouse window blinders require less labor to apply and can be easily adjusted depending on the amount of sunlight you need. Also, they are installed inside the greenhouse; thus they cannot be tampered with by snow or ice. Their downside is that you have to add roof ventilation by using reflective material suchlike aluminum strips to prevent solar radiation from entering the greenhouse. This can be quite costly. Do not buy on impulse. Choosing the proper type of shading will save you water, energy, and time because the right amount of light will make your plants grow fast.

2. Remember to measure

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Whether you are using shading compounds or retractable blinders, measuring is vital. To save yourself time and money, measure the sizes of your greenhouse windows before shopping. Be keen to buy greenhouse window shades that are of the right length and width to avoid leaving any spaces uncovered, for this can cause considerable damage to your plants. Consider seeking help from professional blind installers who have the just tools for the job to save yourself from buying items you are unlikely to use often.

3. Compare prices

There is no reason to pay more if you don’t have to. Comparing prices will help you get a better offer for the same merchandise or get similar merchandise for a better deal. Do not just visit one store, shop around various stores and make sure you get the best deal for greenhouse windows made with the specific material that you want. It would not be wise to compromise on material and quality for the sake of price. If you must save, consider making greenhouse blinders by yourself, but make sure you have the required skill and time. You can use simple materials such as see-through pieces of cloth or light polythene papers. Customizing your shades will give you unique blinders, but it can be very time consuming, especially if your greenhouse is big.

Now that you know where to start from, go ahead and make your purchase. Settle on local window shade fixers who have a long experience ranging from building designs and renderings to custom conservatories and installations.

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