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3 Reasons You’re Having Trouble with Your Water Heater

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As important as your water heating system is at home, people often take this part for granted. It is only when they notice that something is not right with their system that they’ll start paying attention to it. The worst part is the issue usually appears at the moment you need it the most. This situation puts you at a greater disadvantage.

To avoid dealing with this trouble, a good precautionary step is to know what causes the problem. To know more about this, water heater repair experts in Salt Lake City list the most common reasons to take note of. Below are some of them:

Mineral Deposits

Does it feel like your heating system no longer gives enough hot water whenever you use it? There’s only one reason this is happening. This is likely because your storage tank is already filled with mineral deposits that come from the water.

Over time, these sediments solidify and block the burner that heats the water. To prevent this, it’s important you flush your water tank at least once or twice every year. This will save you from a hefty amount of repair or replacement.

Missing or Broken Component

Do you often hear rumbling or unusual sounds coming from your water heater? Then it can only mean two things. It is either the mineral deposits have already solidified, or there are missing or broken pieces that need repair.

For this, flush out your water tank first. If the noises remain after doing that, the issue might be something far more serious. With this, it’s best to call a plumber to check and fix things for you, as there’s a big chance that the problem is bigger than what it seems.

Leaking or Faulty Valve

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Is there a sudden change in the pressure and amount of hot water your heater is supplying? It is likely because of a faulty or leaky temperature and pressure (TPR) valve. This mechanism is responsible for controlling the flow of hot water through your system. As it is not working properly, it can overwhelm your unit, which may cause an explosion.

To avoid this disaster from happening, it’s important to check the TPR on a regular basis. If you see a puddle of water beneath your unit, it’s a clear sign that there’s a leak or problem with your valve.

In case the leak is coming from the tank. This could mean a bigger problem for your home. When it happens, be sure you turn off the water supply immediately, especially if it is leaking severely. It’s best to replace the tank with a new one. The leak can mean that the inner lining starts to corrode.

Be more attentive to your water heater. Check your system on a regular basis to avoid any trouble in the future. In case you encounter issues with it, it’s best to call an expert. They specialize in handling these type of concerns so rest assured they could resolve it in no time.


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