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3 Foolproof Ways to Prolong Your Car’s Life

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Cars allow you to conquer space and get from point A to Z. It’s no wonder that you would want your rides to last for as long as possible. As such, you should employ great care in their maintenance and upkeep.

If you’re wondering where to start in extending your car’s life, then here are some easy care tips to tick off first.

Keep your car clean

This one should be an easy decision. After all, who wants to ride in a filthy car?

Washing your car can also be a tiresome task. You can get the help of professional cleaners to solve the problem. There are Nissan services in Auckland that can get the job done quickly and easily. You can also clean your car at home by employing the three-bucket system. You have one bucket for soap and water, one for rinsing water and one for your wheels and tires, which can be extra dirty.

Washing your car’s body and interior is perhaps the easiest way to take care of it. It’s also essential as keeping it dirty may lead to safety hazards. For example, you can’t leave your glasses caked with dirt or dust. You need to keep the rearview mirrors, headlights and windshield clear and clean.

The ideal time to wash your car, both the exterior and interior, is once a week. This way, you’ll be able to avoid dirt buildup in such hard-to-reach places as the undercarriage or fender.

Check your owner’s manual

Your car comes with an owner’s manual, a handy little tome that outlines the ideal maintenance schedule for your ride. This is the recommendation of the manufacturer. It lists how often you should perform oil change, fluid replacement, tire rotations and the like. Reading up on all these things and noting them down will probably save you from unexpected and costly repairs and replacements.

Checking up and filling up

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There are certain things you have to check up on at the gas station. Apart from buying your gas at reputable stations, you also need to make sure you’re maintaining proper tire pressure. Having the correct pressure will help you avoid accidents and make your tires last longer. It can also help you use fuel more efficiently. The ideal time to check is during every other fill-up at the station. This will help you catch any deficiencies early on.

Again, check your owner’s manual for the proper pressure you should use on your tires. Don’t go beyond the limit no matter what brand of tire you’re using.

Another thing you must do is to check on your oil level. This is essential to your ride’s performance and keeps the parts functioning smoothly. Get into the habit of constantly checking it and topping it off when you need it. Just like your tire pressure, you can check up on this at every other fill-up session.

Cars are an essential tool for people’s daily living. This is why cleaning and maintaining your car properly can pay off in the long run. Start with these three essential tips and save yourself from costly and unscheduled repairs.

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