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12 Sports and Indoor Activities You Can Do To Stay In Shape During A Pandemic

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Recently we’ve seen the start of the distribution of the COVID-19 and how numerous groups of people, especially frontline healthcare and essential workers. But just because a vaccine is already out doesn’t mean that we should be reckless and no longer regard COVID-19 protocols set by the WHO and CDC.

In fact, a new strain has been discovered recently that is believed to be more potent than the first one. For this reason, we should all be extra careful because the new strain is said to affect those who have better immunity.

This means that we are to stay at home unless we need to go out.

Now, where does this leave us when it comes to physical activity and recreation? After all, physical activity and exercise can yield better results with their endoscopy and physical exams. How does one maintain an active lifestyle during this season?

We have listed below several activities that you can do indoors that will allow you to stay physically active and get much-needed exercise to help boost your immune system and strengthen your bodies.

1. Backyard Football

If you have a big enough backyard for a little football (or even a spacious indoor area that you can use), all you need is a foldable football goal, and you’re all set to practice your scoring or goalkeeping skills.

2. Table Tennis

Table tennis already qualifies as an indoor sport that can get you physically active for hours without really feeling as if you’re exercising. Because it is fun, you really won’t notice the time pass you by.

3. Carrom

Although it’s not really a physical sport, playing carrom can help you build and improve your focus and cognitive skills and keep it sharp throughout the pandemic. It can be played by two up to four players, making it an ideal activity for the family.

4. Treadmill Running

If you don’t feel comfortable going out for a run, you can still get your running fix by hitting the treadmill. Most modern-day treadmills have adjustable settings that can simulate different tracks and trails to give you a good workout at home.

5. Spot Jogging

If you don’t have a treadmill at home, no problem. You can always jog in place for at least half an hour for a good quality workout.

6. Indoor/Backyard Basketball

Playing hoops is a fun way to break out a sweat. However, with COVID-19 restrictions, you may not have enough opportunities to play unless you install a hoop in your backyard or inside your home if you have enough space.

indoor basketball

7. Skateboarding

If you have a skateboard or a pair of inline skates at home, now would be a good time to bring them out of storage. If you have a large enough driveway at home or basement in your building, you can rip out a few moves and work up a sweat.

8. Yoga

Yoga has become quite a popular form of exercise over the past few years. More and more people are jumping on board the yoga bandwagon for its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. It’s an exercise that doesn’t just improve your body’s physical condition but also helps improve your well-being.

9. Dance

Nothing gets the whole body moving like dancing. Unlike other sports, dance has a wider range of motion that hits several muscle groups simultaneously. Keeping with the beat improves your psychomotor skills and body coordination. It is a fun activity to get into that you can do any time anywhere.

10. Archery

If your home has a long hallway or a backyard, you can have lots of fun with a bow, some arrows, and a target. It’s a great workout for the arms, helps you control your breathing, and increases your ability to focus and concentrate.

11. Hula Hoops

Contrary to what most grown-ups think, hula hoops aren’t just toys for kids to play with. They are also excellent exercise equipment that makes working out a lot of fun for children of all ages.

12. Trampoline Jumping

Lastly, one of the more fun things to get the whole family involved is trampoline jumping. All the twisting, turning, and jumping makes for an awesome full-body workout that improves your balance and heart rate.

Despite the present global health condition, we still need to take care of our physical health. The right diet, supplementation, and rest should go together with exercise to ensure that our bodies are as healthy as it can be.

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