10 Garden Trends That Will Be Big In 2021

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With the renewed interest in plants and gardens in recent years, a lot of people have taken to home improvements through gardening. Here are some garden trends that will be “in” in 2021:

1. Cottage Gardens

We like to start big by making cottage gardens as the first item on our list of garden trends that will be big this year. What’s not to like about this very distinct style? From the traditional garden materials used to build and develop them to the informal design to the beautiful combination of edible and ornamental plants, cottage gardens are sure to be a big hit this year and will continue for the next few years.

2. Raised Beds

Raised bed gardens are a type of gardening that involves the elevation of soil a few feet above the ground. The soil is typically contained in frames made out of wood, concrete, or rock. One of the advantages of having a raised bed garden is it adds to your garden’s aesthetic value because of the layering it provides visually.

3. Windowsill Gardening

Whether you have a bigger property with a big lawn or a small urban apartment with no access to any garden at all, windowsill gardening is a great add-on to your home. It’s ideal for growing some fresh plants that could find their way into your kitchen, such as herbs, pea shoots, chili, kale, spinach, and onion, among others. If you’re having a window installation project done at home, it is the perfect time to work on adding a windowsill garden to your place.

4. White Gardens

There’s just something about the color white that makes gardens look so clean, serene, and bigger than it seems. Choose to grow plants the have white flowers and put in a few white or light-colored furniture set against a darker background. You can utilize foliage or a few darker wall accents as your background to make all the white flowers and furniture stand out.

5. Gray Gardens

One of today’s most popular interior paint colors is also making its way outdoors into gardens everywhere. You can even incorporate this into a white garden as its darker base to set it off. You can have a gray walkway or fence and place some gravel along your borders and edges to make the plants come even more alive, especially when the flowers are in full bloom.

man gardening

6. Permaculture Gardening

Permaculture or permanent agriculture gardening makes use of nature and the surrounding environment to provide for whatever your garden needs. To pull off this look, homeowners should opt to grow fruit and vegetable plants along with some greens and flowering plants. This will allow homeowners to organically grow and consume certain food types fresh from their garden straight into their kitchens.

7. Outdoor Living

One of the trends that became big in 2020 was outdoor living spaces. Outdoor spaces like patios, porches, decks, and balconies became extensions of a home’s living area. The pandemic somehow helped propagate this trend because since most people can’t go out in public, a lot of folks decided to convert their outdoor spaces into something they can hang out in to break the monotony of being stuck indoors.

8. Tiny Gardens

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a property with a sprawling lawn. A lot of city dwellers only have a small patch of the garden out front and in the back. But that won’t stop them from creating the garden of their dreams to add to their property’s curb appeal. Tiny gardens are, in fact, a growing trend now among those who live in urban areas.

9. Balcony Gardens

If you don’t have any access to a lawn or garden, you can always convert your balcony or porch into a makeshift garden. This functional space can be brought to life with some well-placed greens. You can go all out or choose to be minimalist with your approach. Either way, not having a physical garden shouldn’t limit you from bringing a piece of nature into your place of dwelling.

10. Wild Gardens

Lastly, since COVID-19 happened, a lot of people were afraid to step out of their homes to even tend to their garden daily. This resulted in wild gardens that somehow had a very raw appearance which made them strangely appealing. Wild gardens are ideal for butterflies, bees, and hedgehogs to thrive in which adds to their natural and wild beauty.

These are our top ten predictions for the biggest garden trends this year. Do you have any other ideas that you believe will make it big in home gardens this year? Share it with your friends and let them enjoy the benefits, too.

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