10 Breathtaking Parks and Campgrounds for RV and Mobile Homeowners

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There’s just nothing like hitting the open road and camping in the most scenic parks and campgrounds.

RVers and trailer homeowners have the upper hand over others because they get to travel in the comforts of their own homes. If you’re into the lure of nature and yet enjoy the coziness of home, you might want to consider getting a hitch installation job for your truck to pull a trailer. Or you can just get an RV. Either way, we promise you it’s totally awesome!

10 of the Best Parks for Trailer Owners and RVers

Here are some of the best campgrounds for RV and trailer owners to visit for some quality R&R.

1. Boyd’s Key West Campground

Location: Key West, Florida

Enjoy Key West’s oceanfront view as you settle in Boyd’s along Duval Street. You can choose to take part in the different activities the site has to offer or just spend a lazy afternoon just chilling on the beach.

2. Durango RV Resort

Location: Red Bluff, California

Durango is quite famous among RVers as a high-end park and campground that’s fully hooked with features and amenities that allow travelers to live tiny and live large at the same time.

3. River’s Edge Resort RV Park

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

With over 160 sites offered along the Chena River, River’s Edge is a great place to enjoy a peaceful and serene view. You can choose between basic and full hookups, depending on the type of vacation you have in mind.

4. Yosemite Pines RV Park and Family Lodging

Location: Yosemite, California

Sure, you can camp inside Yosemite National Park, but if you want a place that has more family-friendly amenities, you won’t go wrong with Yosemite Pines, which is just about 22 miles away from the park’s western gate. It has both full and basic hookups and offers a variety of family-friendly activities.

5. The Shady Dell

Location: Bisbee, Arizona

Old souls will enjoy staying at the Shady Dell for its old-school vibe. Outfitted with restored antique trailers and mid-20th century furniture, decor, and music, the place offers quite a different yet equally unique experience compared to the others on this list.


6. Mountain Home RV Park

Location: Mountain Home, Idaho

This park (which is a member of the family of Grapevine 7 Resorts) has about 213 full hookup sites that allow travelers to maximize their stay, whether it’s for work or play. With several areas for amusement and exercise and a few tourist attractions not far away, trailer owners and RVers will definitely enjoy their stay here.

7. Zion River Resort RV Park and Campground

Location: Virgin, Utah

For a more relaxing trip to the Grand Canyon North Rim, check out Zion River Resort, which is just a few minutes away from the Zion National Park. It’s an excellent place for families, kids, and even pets to enjoy. It’s a huge hit among senior tourists, especially with their senior-friendly activities like cheese and wine events.

8. The Views RV Park and Campground

Location: Dolores, Colorado

With over 42 acres of stunningly beautiful backdrop near the McPhee Reservoir, travelers have fallen in love with the views at The Views. Situated near one of the state’s largest lakes, it is the perfect place to enjoy different water sports and go on an adventure in the nearby desert and mountains. Whether you choose to go basic or glam it up, the park has the right amenities and hookups for you.

9. Splashway Water Park and Campground

Location: Sheridan, Texas

One of the reasons why Splashway Water Park is popular among RVers is it truly lives up to its rep as the state’s highest-rated water park. There are tons of activities that families can enjoy, whether you want to get wet or not. You should check it out one of these days to see for yourself.

10. Jellystone Park Camp-Resorts

Location: Various locations, including Canada

As the second-largest franchise for campgrounds, Jellystone Park is one of the most popular sites for tourists and travelers alike. It has 75 different locations in both the US and Canada and offers plenty of fun, family-friendly activities and events. They have all the hookups and amenities you will need. You can even have your picture taken with Yogi and Boo Boo. How’s that for a real treat? But be smarter than your average bear and book early because spots get filled up fast.

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, some of the facilities and sections of the parks may be closed to the public. Visit their official sites first before hitting the road.

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